Hotshoe Light Meter, Part 2

Last time we reviewed a $30 external lightmeter. This time it’s a $112 one.

KEKS EM-01 Light Meter fits much better Leica M2. It has multiple location options on the top of the camera to choose from.

The metering buttons:

  • Next to the LCD screen – the Metering button, also a wake-up button. The device goes to sleep mode very quickly.
  • On the top to the left – Aperture increase/decrease buttons. If you press and hold the Metering button, and then press those buttons, it will increase/decrease the ISO.
  • On the top to the right – Shutter speed increase/decrease buttons.

Usually I set the ISO to the film speed that I put in the camera, and then change the aperture to what I selected on the lens, and then read the recommended shutter speed, and set it on the camera body.

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