Non-Leica body and Leica M lens, Part 4: Sony A7RM2 and Canon M50

Leica Q made me try Leica M2, and want Leica SL and M10. I cannot afford Leica SL or M10, so I was looking for an alternative. Canon M50 is good, but cropped. Let’s review my new shiny Sony A7RM2.

The first question was whether Sony A7RM2 works well with Leica glass due to different sensor cover glass. While there are many articles about the problems, and solutions to fix those problems, one article was very specific for my decision: Travel Photos, Sony A7rII & Leica Glass.

My initial tests demonstrated no side effects for 35 mm and for 50 mm. The problem was Sony colors and green fringing. It was worse than Canon colors. Capture One v.20 was not able to help much since it has purple defringing only, until I tried a different approach – I changed the camera profile to Leica M10. Suddenly colors are nice and there is no green fringing.

Vignetting problem, as well as light falloff I was able to fix with the lens profile. Also I found a script to add the lens information into EXIF profile of the image. The generated output from DNG file had the right camera and lens EXIF info.

The main advantages of Sony A7RM2 vs. Canon M50:

  • Full Frame
  • 42.4MP vs 24MP
  • High ISO looks better
  • Complete silent shutter
  • 5-axis SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization system

The main advantages of Sony A7RM2 vs. Leica Q:

  • Ability to change lenses
  • 42.4MP vs 24MP
  • Complete silent shutter
  • 5-axis SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization system
  • Smaller size

Let’s take a look at some images taken with Sony A7RM2 and Leica Summarit-M 35 f/2.5 with ISO 6400 and shutter speed 1/20 sec handheld:

Shooting experience:

Leica Q provides auto magnification when adjusting manually focus distance, Sony A7RM2 (and Canon M50) do not. I press C2 custom button several times to get the magnification with peaking.

Leica Q movie button is located next to the shutter button, but on Sony A7RM2 it’s on a side. I assigned C1 custom button a movie function.

Silent shooting is excellent. I also muted movie start and finish sounds. Leica Q always has some quiet shutter sound.

I shoot using the Aperture Priority, but for the dark environment I might need to switch to the Manual mode to adjust shutter speed. Even Exposure Compensation -3 EV is not enough to get to 1/60 sec.

While Sony design is quite different from Leica, the practical use is still simple enough to forget about the camera settings, and focus on the image itself. Sony focusing (as well as Leica Q and Canon M50) is definitely more like Leica SL mirrorless, so no Leica M10 experience here, which is completely fine with me. Leica M2 will give me that.

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