Leica Summarit and Voightlander Ultron

Leica Camera AG discontinued production of the Summarit budget lens. I was able to get off eBay one of the pre-owned lens, and want to compare it with Cosina Voightlander Ultron – another budget lens for Leica M mount.

The goal was to choose the “right” budget lens for my Leica M2. Originally I got Voightlander Ultron 35 f/2 as a “Summicron” lens, and it was just fine. Then I wanted to try a “real” Leica glass, and got a Summarit 35 f/2.5 lens for US $1,195.00.

My conclusion: Summarit is better than Ultron.

Voigtlander Ultron Vintage Line 35mm f/2 Aspherical Type I VM Lens (Black) US $699 is a previous model of the current Type II lens. It does not have a tap, and uses a knob.

Leica 35mm f/2.5 Summarit-M Manual Focus Lens (Black) is not Aspherical lens, and is considered of less quality than traditional expensive Leica glass. Some experts noted that any lens manufacturer has a history of better and worse lens, and Summarit is not in any way of less quality, but are cheaper, and f/2.5 is not f/1.4. The dilemma is Leica suppose to be for snobby rich elite, right?

Both lenses are small and look great on my Leica M2. Summarit does have a tap though. Ultron Type II has a tap too.

Let’s have a test shoot using Canon M50 with Leica M to EF-M adapter from Fotasy. Since Ultron has extra stops, compare only the same aperture shots.

f/2.5 wide open





  1. Ultron has more of 40mm view – the frame is closer to the subject than Summarit. This is consistent across the aperture range. Notice the line on the right.
  2. Ultron has more vignetting – here is the left upper corner crop at 100%.

3. Both lenses are sharp at f/2.5 – here 100% crop.

4. Ultron has more diffraction at f/16.

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