Kodak Portra 400, Part 1

The classical fine grain color negative film, described by the Darkroom Photo Lab Index as “one of the most popular color negative films there is.”

The metering of the scene – overexposed for ISO 200 – using Lumu Power Light Meter app:

The color negative photo scan – using Canon M50 and Viltrox EF-EOS M2 0.71x Lens Mount Adapter:

The converted color version – using the latest FilmLab v2.2.1 using RA-4 Color Negative process:

The edited in C1 black and white result from the converted version:

So, the whole point of using any color negative is to make a color photograph as a result. I do like the color version, but in this particular case, the black and white version makes more sense for the result I wanted to achieve.

Color balance – Daylight. The best way to get the best results is to choose the outdoors.

Contrast – low. Good for soft skin tones.

ISO – high-speed. Good for making a higher shutter speed and avoid blurry images.

Grain structure – fine. Good exposure should provide a clean picture. I do get color noise in the shadows. Maybe 120 mm film provides better results than 35 mm.

Overexposed – fine. Based on the reviews, it should produce better results if shot at ISO 200.

Underexposed – average. Avoid, if possible.

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