Psychological Teachings

As we reviewed the structure of the psyche in the Living between Worlds, its Psychopathology and Archetypes, we are ready to discuss how the mankind historically was trying to deal with all of this.

Carl Jung in the Collected Works, Volume 9, talks about esoteric teachings. We can call them psychological teachings now.

The right way to remove psychopathological symptoms is to face the confusing music of the archetypes. But, it did not happen on the mass scale. Instead, based on the confessions of those few who experienced a hero journey, some narratives were developed that are much more beautiful and comprehensive.

Figure 1. The structure of the psyche with expanded spiritual functions

Those traditional narratives can be grouped in the following categories:

  • myths
  • fairytales
  • religions

As the attractiveness of the traditions faded after the Renaissance, the modern scientific ways to deal with psychopathology are:

  • psychotherapy
  • pharmacology
  • self-help means

Long time ago the primitive people projected inner events onto nature, and they thought that nature actually was that way. They had no idea about own projection, and believed that what they perceived was real physical events – solar, lunar, seasonal, stars, etc. The projections were very subjective and confusing, so over the years of transmission of the initial revelations different people distorted the original text and made it sound more comprehensive and easier to tell. Therefore, the old myths and fairytales were the constructs of the conscious elaboration, based on the initial images of the collective unconscious.

The most advanced form of such narratives were the ruling Western and Eastern world religions. They developed own dogmatic symbols and rituals that were very beautiful and attractive.

The main idea of such narratives, rituals and symbols was to substitute a hero journey with the real archetypes by the less adventurous journey, which was still capable to give some sense of order to people, who experienced psychopathological symptoms, and reduce the devastating effect on their well-being. By following the established and polished over the centuries religious formula, the psyche was regulated externally and the healing was achieved, usually in the form of catharsis.

Modern man believes in materialism and science, and own superiority. As the alternatives to the traditions, there are numerous methods of psychotherapy and empirically discovered procedures that work, as well as clinical trials of the new drugs that are based on the neuroscience.

Also, now we have access to education in the form of self-help books, Internet articles, YouTube videos, movie industry, fitness, yoga, taichi, mindfulness, and drinking culture that can be used to reduce the symptoms.

The Spiritual Function of our consciousness is to differentiate things, make the unconscious conscious, and the mankind produced many traditional and modern means to deal with the split without affecting the Social Function, which became the supreme value of the civilization, business owners, and policy makers.

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