Kodak Ultramax 400

Film photography should not be mistaken with a movie production using a photo camera. It’s actually an original photography using a chemical “sensor”. The negative produced is not a RAW file, but rather a processed JPG file. After scanning there are not much you can do in the post.

Kodak Ultramax 400 is a color negative film, considered as cheap:

B&H Kodak Ultramax 400

Adorama Kodak Ultramax 400

Here are some examples of the original scans, processed color, and converted to monochrom.

Original color scans without processing:

Original color scans converted to monochrom without processing:

Processed color scans:

Processed color scan converted to monochrome:

Colors: I like the colors, vivid, saturated.

Contrast: good contrast, sharp.

Dynamic Range: I don’t like the narrow dynamic range, typical for JPG – recovering the shadows ends up in too much noise.

Grain: kinda too much.

This time I shoot color, and converted to monochrome in post. I am not sure yet whether there is any difference between this and shooting black&white film.

Additional reviews:

The Darkroom Kodak Ultramax 400 Review

35 mmc Kodak Ultramax 400 Review

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