Humans are essentially image-based creations. We always perceive the outer and inner realities as some series of images, accompanied by other sensory experiences.

Humans also create images. Sometimes we recreate what was perceived, sometimes we make abstract art that is different.

Every text is somewhat obscure until we derive some clarity out of it by visualizing it. We use simple drawings to understand things.

How much we study and perfect the art of image-making?

Visual art such as painting and photography developed the entire conceptual schema around image composition rules and their emotional impact, yet we are not required to know it or follow it by our culture norms. We learn it as we go.

One thing that I learned over the years is that image-making is beautification. We do not want to experience or create any kind of image – we want to make them feel good, to have some connection to the joy of the divine experience.

That’s what life is about.

When we can’t make it better, we experience fragmentation, disconnect, discontent. Our anxiety means nightmares, dark times, feeling lost. The only thing we want is to feel better.

Images do have power over humans. The image politics can be found on TV and YouTube, cathedrals and museums. We also need to know this.

Image psychology is about our mind eye. What is it. Why psychology is so different from physics, and yet we all use it every day without knowing it properly.

Image philosophy is about our life. Here is the way for cognition and metacognition, and for influence and control. Not literature, not math. It is not logical.

At the core of C. G. Jung theory is the unification of the ancient and modern ideas for the contemporary educated individual to form a better worldview to interpret the images. How much of the psychological content is behind the composition rules? How to understand in modern terms what is kundalini, the serpent, love, meaning – as our mind eye perception? Why people make pictures and like them even when they are worse than many others available? Are we really here just to be creative in order to feel better? Can we create real images?

We live in a post-Jung era. Nothing has changed. Our culture managed to absorb very little. Resistance to feel better can be as simple as lack of education or lack of attention. But the image-making never stops.

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