Humans are essentially image-based creations. We always perceive the outer and inner realities as some series of images, accompanied by other sensory experiences. Humans also create images. Sometimes we recreate what was perceived, sometimes we make abstract art that is different. Every text is somewhat obscure until we derive some clarity out of it by …

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Production Gear

Before deciding which gear to stick to, try to get experience with different cameras and lenses shooting different subjects under different lighting conditions. Eventually you will get the feeling what you really like. There are two big questions to answer: Question 1: Full Frame or Crop? Question 2: Prime or Zoom? My current answers for …

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Post-Production Workflow

The workflow ideally should be simple and stable, independent from various gear and software changes. Pre-Production Production Post-Production Publishing Let’s talk about step 3, Post-Production. Usually the film is scanned into digital files, so I do not treat analog photography differently from digital. The digital camera always records the image in the RAW format, which …

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IT as Psychological Models

Information Technology (IT) became an inseparable part of our daily life, at work and at home. We know that at this point our devices and software are “hybrids” of the traditional algorithms and re-emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI). In IT Architecture field we talk mostly about component-based architecture or service-oriented architecture (SOA). We assume that we …

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