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Vivian Maier

While I was focused on Henri Carter-Bresson and Ansel Adams, the new photography icon appeared. Finding Vivian Maier film tells the story of a nanny with the camera who quietly perfected her skill. Of course, there are books published, articles written, who did what when why. She is the perfect example of the intersection of …

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Kodak Portra 400 – Part 1

The classical fine grain color negative film, described by the Darkroom Photo Lab Index as “one of the most popular color negative films there is.” The metering of the scene – overexposed for ISO 200 – using Lumu Power Light Meter app: The color negative photo scan – using Canon M50 and Viltrox EF-EOS M2 …

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Currently I have several cameras: Canon 6D Canon M50 Leica M2 Leica Q Apple iPhone XR (yes, I know) My main workhorses for casual shooting are an iPhone and Leica Q. After having Canon 6D (no 4k) for several years, I needed something lighter for travel, so I picked up Panasonic LX10 (4k), and later …

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Psychological Teachings: The Bible

Let’s explore The Jewish Study Bible, published by the Oxford University Press, from the point of view of an ancient psychology. Genesis is a story about the beginning of human culture from the God’s perspective, using a style of the literary conventions of the ancient Near East, full of complexity and sophistication. The same events …

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