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Psychological Teachings

As we reviewed the structure of the psyche in the Living between Worlds, its Psychopathology and Archetypes, we are ready to discuss how the mankind historically was trying to deal with all of this. Carl Jung in the Collected Works, Volume 9, talks about esoteric teachings. We can call them psychological teachings now. The right way …

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Technology Management

While the CIO focuses on IT Systems, the CTO role is to innovate with technology. Gartner developed a Hype Cycle Methodology for emerging technology that allows to discover the trends, and provide the governance structure on the enterprise level around adoption of disruptive technologies. At the same time the CTO is evaluating the existing Technology …

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Previously we discussed the general structure of the psyche in Living between Worlds and some indicators of the split in Psychopathology. Now let’s take a look at the archetypes that create those indicators. Carl Jung in the Collected Works, Volume 9, talks about the archetypes of the collective unconscious. As Jim Hollis described, the archetype …

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In the Living between Worlds post we discussed the general structure of the psyche from the Jungian perspective. Now we will take a detailed look at the Psychopathology Function. Nancy McWilliams published a second edition of her “Psychoanalytic Diagnosis” book, where she presented a modern psychoanalytic model of mental diseases, rendered as personality structures for …

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