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Canon M50 and Leica M lens

After testing Leica glass I got convinced that yes, Leica glass and size are better for my 35mm film Leica M2 camera. Digital Leica Q camera with the fixed lens is great too. The problem is with digital Leica M cameras, for obvious reasons. I found that many people have the same issue, and adopting …

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Hotshoe Light Meter

There are many ways to get the right exposure settings for the camera that does not have a light meter like Leica M2: the sunny 16 rule, the original Leica light meters, a phone light meter app, a traditional external light meter device, etc. Recently a new type of devices appeared: tiny set top boxes …

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Summarit and Ultron

Leica Camera AG discontinued production of the Summarit budget lens. I was able to get off eBay one of the pre-owned lens, and want to compare it with Cosina Voightlander Ultron – another budget lens for Leica M mount. The goal was to choose the “right” budget lens for my Leica M2. Originally I got …

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Psychological Teachings: Kabbalah

There are many different spellings of the name of the abstract metaphysical system that became the foundation of so many cultural phenomena in the West – Kaballah is a Jewish tradition, Cabala is Christian, Qabalah is Hermetic, and also Practical Kabbalah. The original meaning of the word “Kabbalah” is to receive wisdom from divinity. For …

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